Wells LitSupport was established in 2000 by Debbie and Malcolm Wells specializing in assisting law firms in their journey through eDiscovery with Training and Consulting.

Whether the need is for best practices and consulting or software application and training for litigation hold & collection, processing, case management, review and trial preparation, we have the experience to help you succeed.

Communication. Collaboration. Cooperation. Success.

eDiscovery eCompetence™

  • We translate the conceptual practice of the eDiscovery process, step by step, and show you how mastering these phases will improve your business model.

  • We empower you with eCompetence™ in all phases of eDiscovery – no matter where your starting point is – and keep you on top of technological trends in litigation.

  • We bring knowledge of the rules, technology, software and team management that allows collaboration and communication between all team members. Knowledge is Power.

  • We help you create practical processes and workflows to ensure a team approach and supportive environment.

Summation & eDiscovery Software Training

  • Wells LitSupport’s experience with Summation review software began in 2000 before it became the full service platform it is today. We can take you from Litigation Hold to Collections to Processing through Review and Trial Preparation.

  • Our focus is always on your needs, the needs of your client and the needs of the case. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to bring you a completely customized solution.

  • Our Experience Includes:
    – Certified eDiscovery Specialist
    – Summation Support Specialist
    – Previous Certified Computer Examiner

  • Years of experience working all types of cases with all types of firms bring you a variety of documentation, cheat sheets and checklists that will help you implement the software into the workflow that fits your business.

Litigation Support & Case Consulting

  • When formal training isn’t possible – for any number of reasons – Wells LitSupport can share the knowledge through practical application and experience of Litigation Support processes.

  • If you haven’t had the opportunity to put your skills into practical application, we can walk down the road with you in a Case Consulting role from eDiscovery to Case Planning to Workflows and Best Practices.