We Help You Succeed by Partnering With You

When formal training isn’t possible – for any number of reasons – Wells LitSupport can share the knowledge through experience and practical application of Litigation Support processes.

When Resources Are Limited
When You Have Large Amounts of Data
When Time Frames are Short
When Issues are Many & Complex
When Technical Knowledge is Needed
When You Need a Partner

eDiscovery Consulting

We know and understand the real-world implications of the Federal Rules, Electronically Stored Information, Computer Forensics and eDiscovery and how best to use the right tools.

Case Planning

Communication and collaboration are the cornerstones of effective Case and Project Planning. We have built processes and checklists to ensure that the right questions are asked and answered.

Managing the Review Process

Every case is different. Every legal team is different. We identify the details, preferences and needs of each and meld an effective process from start to finish.

Workflows &Best Practices

A smooth and efficient project, from collection to production to presentation, are essential for a successful argument. We have the tools and experience to help you work a specific case or build the workflows that suit your organization growing forward.